Business Stationery Design

Once your Company Logo (Brand Identity) is designed and finalized the next step for every company is to design its business stationery. As we all understand that any business involves a lot of communication with its clients, vendors, team members or any third party for that matter, an effective method and presentation in business communication can help to create a better brand image and position. 7Sky Interactive helps you get the right kind of design and layout for your Business Stationery Design which mainly includes Visiting cards, Envelops and Letter Head designing.

Visiting Cards

When it comes to visiting cards, they ought to have a very effective look and feel. For they might have a deep impact on a person the very moment he looks at them. Visiting cards come in an array of sizes, shapes, designs, colors, etc. None the less, more original the blend of color, design and font used in visiting cards, the better it is in making a statement. Not only comprising of the Company’s Logo, Name and Contact details but there is also a lot of scope for innovation and creativity in a business card designing.


Envelop is not merely used to cover a letter, it has to speak a lot about the company, for a person who receives a company’s letter, even as he is about to tear away the envelope, he will for a few moments hold back and admire the look and feel of an envelope. They come in many variety to cover up different types of content right from a simple letter to even catalogues and booklets. None the less, when it comes to a client, customer or a prospect for that matter, an envelope with a single look may seal the fate. Envelops are also an effective way of advertising as they generally are more visible to other people.


As important as the envelopes that cover it, letterheads usually comprise of contents that are important and to be seriously considered by the person reading them. This is the very reason that make and design of a letterhead is very important. Letterhead are generally used to write type or print content and hence have more blank space for writing, while at the top or in the corners; a company’s name and logo are printed.

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